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Craft a Productive Home Office with These Tips

Over the past 3 years, working from home has become more and more common. As lease prices for offices rise across Australia – as well as across the world – companies are regularly making the switch, allowing their employees to work remotely on a full-time or part-time basis. It saves them money. It saves their staff the commute. Everybody wins.

Actually getting anything done when working from home, however, is another challenge entirely. With TV, other people in your home and every other distraction possible thrown into the mix, staying productive can be a challenge. As a result, crafting a positive working environment is the key to your long-term remote working success.

Location Counts

Just as with the location of your property, the same rule counts for the location of your working space within. Remember – you’re going to be spending the majority of your day sat in this room, so it needs to be a productive, inspiring space.

Focus your efforts on finding the best room in your house and converting it into a home-working hub, with plenty of natural lighting. It also needs to be a big enough space so you’re not swimming in paperwork, or tripping over files. Nothing is going to ruin your Monday morning more than throwing your first coffee of the week over next week’s financial reports.

Keep it Tidy

We shouldn’t have to remind anyone of this, but it’s an essential part of any home office’s composition, so we will. Working from home isn’t going to give you an excuse for not having answers to hand, so if your boss calls you asking for information, you don’t want to be burrowing through a mountain of paperwork, hastily trying to locate it.

You can avoid this situation by sorting out your filing early on. Get the proper organisational hierarchy in place, and it’ll be that much easier to stick to. Pick up some cheap dividers, in-trays and files to stay on top of everything. That way, next time that phone call comes in, you’ll know exactly where to look.

Distance Yourself from Easy Distractions

So, maybe you’re working in your living room. And maybe that living room has a TV. And maybe a new episode of your favourite show has just landed on Netflix. Freeze – it might seem harmless, but you’re only a few clicks away from throwing your whole day out the window. The Netflix autoplay feature is an absolute killer to your productivity, so you need to distance yourself from any distractions.

Set up shop in a room where the only screen is the one on your computer, and get to work. If need be, you can also download apps on your smartphone that’ll lock it for a certain amount of time. If you’re an Instagram or Facebook addict, this’ll stop you from logging on and procrastinating for a set amount of time.

Make Space for More Permanent Remote Working Arrangements

If you’ve got a busy home (and are prone to distractions, preventing you from working from a main room), you might need to carve out some space in another area of your house. If it looks like you’re going to be working from home for a while, it might be worth setting more permanent roots.

Finding free space isn’t always easy, but that’s where self-storage comes in. for a relatively small amount of money each month, you can store your unneeded items for as long as you need. When you work out the amount of money you’ll be saving on your commute, it pays for itself. You can find a suitable self-storage firm by Googling “Self-storage facilities near me” or, if you’re in the North Beach area, we can help. Get in touch with us for your free quote.

5 Ways a Removals Company will Brighten the Big Move Day

We know it, our customers know it, and you’ve probably got an idea of it – using a removals company when moving house makes your life a whole load easier.

Granted – we can’t guarantee your move will be 100% stress-free, but we can guarantee one thing – we’ll take a substantial weight off your shoulders. When the big day comes around, having a removals company on your side will do you a tonne of favours.

5 Reasons You Should be Booking a Removals Company, Right Now

You probably know it’s a good idea, but might not be able to put your finger on why. Well, here are 5 reasons you need to be aware of:

1)      Your moving day stress will be vastly reduced

If this isn’t enough of a reason on its own, we don’t know what is. If you’re unsure of how you’re going to get everything packed into boxes, out of your home and into your new one, that’s where a removals company comes in.

We’ll take the weight off your shoulders and take responsibility for getting your belongings from A to B, whilst you sit back and relax.

2) Issues will be handled before they arise

If this isn’t your first move, you’ll know full well that, no matter how much effort you put into planning, mistakes will always happen. Issues crop up and even if you’re ready to expect the unexpected, they can block your path and stop your move in its tracks.

With a removals company, you don’t have to worry about this. The professionals handling your move will be highly trained in spotting these potential problems and tackling them before they arise, like a lack of available parking for a lorry at your new address, or dismantling a stubborn piece of furniture which hadn’t been picked up on in your move consultation.

3) You’ll have that invaluable added support

Sometimes, it’s not just the physical help you need with a move – emotional help can be required, too. And if you live on your own, or have lived in a property for a number of years and are finding it hard to let go, the moral support from a removals company can be invaluable. The team handling your move know exactly what they’re doing and will do everything they can to make your move as smooth as possible.

4) Bad weather will no longer be a setback

Just as when you’re planning a BBQ or a party, weather isn’t something you can account for in advance. If the heavens decide to open on the big move day, you could find yourself in trouble.

We don’t just mean by getting wet, either.- storms mean water, and water means reduced visibility and potentially hazardous conditions. A trained removals crew, however, will know exactly how to handle adverse weather conditions and will be ready to get you to your new home, whatever the weather may hold in store.

5) We can handle the added extras

These are the bits and bobs that you don’t really think you’ll have to account for with your big move, like disconnecting light fittings, the dreaded cleaning session, and self-storage facilities. Hermes Removals offer convenient and affordable self-storage in the North Beach area. If you’re in need of a place to keep your belongings whilst you wade through the barrage of brown boxes in your new home, get in touch today to grab a free quote. We’ll even collect your stuff before the big move and take it to the storage facility ourselves.

How to Move to a Beach Town

This isn’t anything new. The allure of the ocean is something that’s both mystified and captivated humans for centuries, and that trend doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

Today, people are still drawn to sandy shores as a quick retreat from the stresses of their daily lives. Buy some choose to make the trip a little more permanent.

When uprooting and moving to a beach city like Sydney, you’re no doubt aware that it could be one of the best decisions of your life. However, there are some key points you need to consider:

Why You Should be Moving to a Beach Town

Despite the sheer monstrosity of the task set before you, there are a number of reasons why moving to a beach town may well be the best decision of your life.

Your health

The fresh sea breeze isn’t just good for your soul – it’s good for your health, too. To this day, doctors still prescribe rest and relaxation by the big blue for patients suffering from stress and anxiety.

Beach access

You’ll have a beach on tap. If that isn’t reason enough in itself, we don’t know what is. Among other things, it’s an opportunity to chill out, meet new people and take up a cool new sport like volleyball.


If you like nature, you’re in luck. Sydney’s coastline is home to a wide variety of wildlife. And as long as you’re not looking at moving to the Arctic, you can pretty much guarantee any other beach town will have its fair share, too.

It’s a great place to raise a family

That’s right – your kids will get to grow up surrounded by fresh air, sunshine, and a vibrant atmosphere.

So, How Do You Move to a Beach Town?

If it’s a big difference from your current town, allow for a slow transition. That is, unless you’re looking for a change of pace – in which case, jump right in.

Meet the locals

You’ll be making their town yours so get to know the locals. This will make the transition much easier on you.

Explore the surroundings

Take your time to adjust to the surroundings before moving. The photos might look nice, but this will help you find out if it’s the right place for you.

Expect to find sand everywhere (we mean everywhere)

You could clean twice a day every day, but if you live by the beach, getting sand everywhere is just going to happen.

Anticipate the tourists

Locals might hate them, but tourism is no doubt a big part of your new home’s economy. If you prefer a quieter lifestyle, wait for the post-tourist lull after summer is over and soak it all up.

Book Removals and Storage Companies

You might have made the decision on your own, but getting your stuff there by yourself is a completely different (and much less fun) experience. Contact a local removals firm to arrange the big move, and get in touch with any storage companies to take care of those excess belongings.

Hermes Removals can help with both of these. Get in touch today for your free quote.

Spring Holiday? Here’s How to Pack Your Car

If you’ve got a large family, you’ll know that spring holidays are as stressful as they are fun. And if you can’t relax for fear of forgetting bags – or not being able to fit them in your car in the first place, you’re kind of missing the point.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret – holidays don’t have to be hard. And once you’ve booked and organised your spring trip, although packing your car might seem like a roadblock, it really isn’t. it’s a hurdle, and here’s how you can volt over it, landing safely and stress-free on the other side:

Packing Your Car, the Proper Way

Take heed of these holiday tips to chip away at your coastal shelf of stress.

Spread the weight out

You’ll thank us when you confront your first hill. Pack your heaviest items into the boot first to disperse the weight as evenly as possible across all 4 wheels of the car.

Pack your bags logically

Stop for a second and think – when you get to the campsite, what will you need first – the beer cooler, or the tents? This answer depends on you, so we’ll leave it up to you to decide. Whichever you settle on, make sure it’s left at the back of the boot.

Don’t double pack

Free space is a commodity on road trips, and it’s bound to be in short supply. Speak with everyone else coming on your trip and make sure only the essentials get packed. Instead of each of you bringing a tube of toothpaste, assign the responsibility to just one. Just make sure they don’t forget it.

Fragile valuables? Protect them

Taking a laptop along to watch a movie at the camp? All it takes is one shifted tent pole and that plan is out the window. Keep your valuables protected during the trip with pillows or, if you want to save space, bubble wrap. It’s super cheap and will do a great job of absorbing any shock.

Use all the room possible

Here’s another one you’ll thank us for. If you don’t want to hear “are we there yet?” more times than the kilometres you’ve driven, use foot well and floor space to your advantage. Place your little one’s toys down there to circumvent any unending complaints of boredom.

Have an emergency snack pack

This isn’t necessarily just for break downs. If you think a holiday is a great idea, chances are everyone else will, too. Lots of travellers means lots of traffic, so don’t bet caught out. Keep a bag of snacks and drinks in your glove compartment to fill any empty stomachs.

Find a Self-Storage Company for the Return Leg

Congratulations – you’ve made it! Once you’ve come back from your trip, it’s time to load everything up into self-storage, ready and waiting for next year’s trip.

If you’re after a self-storage company in the North Beach area, we can help. Get in touch today for your free quote.

Removals Companies – What Are They Going to do During Your Removals Consultation?

You might think it’s the case of picking up the phone and setting a date, but booking a removals company takes a bit more effort than that.

Any removals company worth their salt will pop around to assess what you need as a bare minimum. And if you’re avoiding a service like this to save cash, think again. If they don’t know what they’re doing, a removals firm could charge above and beyond the money they deserve for the job. But how can you make sure you’re getting good value? knowing what to expect from your move consultation, for one, is essential.

What is a Move Consultation?

A move consultation is where we get to find out a bit more about you. We’ll take the time to learn what you need, the size of your property, and when you’re looking to move. From here, we’ll be able to give you an accurate quote for the whole move (including any heavy lifting).

How Long Will My Consultation Take?

That depends entirely on one thing – whether we speak over the phone, or book an in-house visit.

Over the phone consultation can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes, as we’ll ask you to walk us around your home and talk us through what’s in each room. If you’d prefer us to come to you, it’s best to leave an hour free to allow us to be thorough.

What Will I Need to Tell You?

First things first, we’ll need to know everything you want moved, as it’ll give us an idea of what sized vehicle we’ll need to bring. If you’ve got a garden, please don’t forget to tell us about any furniture within that you’d like to bring.

Here are some of the other questions we’ll usually ask you:

– How close to your property can we park a lorry?

– How many flights of stairs are there?

– How far is the internal walk?

– How large is your property?

– Are there any obstacles you think might be tricky for us to navigate?

It’s important you give us as much detail as possible, as our quote will be built upon your answers. To help us not overquote you, we need to have a solid picture of exactly how much needs to be done.

Is Budget an Issue?

Understandably, we can’t work for free, but budget is rarely an issue for our clients. Why? Because we’ve got so many different options to help you move house.

To find out how you could benefit from our service, as well as learn about the self-storage we can offer you, get in touch today.