How Can You Make a Small Room Look Bigger?

Finding the time to make extra space in a small room might seem like a chore and for the most part, it usually is. But let’s cut right to the chase – if you’re struggling to add space to your room, you’re doing something very wrong.

Okay, sure, knowing how to do it isn’t easy, so it’s understandable you might struggle to begin with. Luckily, however, we’ve got your back. No longer will you find yourself shuffling past footstools and coffee tables in your sitting room, or nudging past bookcases in your study to get to a window. In this piece, we’re going to show you how you can increase the space in your home.

* Disclaimer – we’re not builders and therefore can’t actually make your rooms bigger. We can, however, make them appear larger and more spacious, without losing that cosy feel. Read on to find out more.

1) Cut Back on Clutter

believe it or not, it’s one of the biggest challenges people face. Buying mirrors and changing wall colours are the easy part – but parting with beloved (but frankly unnecessary) belongings comes down as too tricky for many.

But it’s a necessary evil. Switch on your ruthless side and bag up anything that doesn’t serve a vital function. Okay, we’re not necessarily talking about books, DVDs or your cat, but if you’ve got a mountain of books coating every surface, hundreds of DVDs scattered around the room and 15 cats parading around, it might be time to take a long look at yourself.

The bottom line – if you don’t use it often, or don’t get much happiness from it, chuck it, or donate it to charity.

2) Play with the Lighting

Okay, darker colours might be great for helping you to seemingly lose a few inches around the waste, but unless you live in a 12-bedroom open plan mansion and are trying to make a room feel cosier, you don’t want to apply this technique to your home.

In fact, you want to do the opposite. If your target room is feeling a little big for its boots, change them (the boots are paint in this bizarre example). Swap out dark and dingy colours for whites and creams, and watch as your room grows in size with each swipe of the brush.

If you’re strangely protective of your colour scheme, don’t worry – you don’t necessarily have to completely do away with it. Even a small change like painting your skirting boards white will have a larger effect, as it’ll make them appear further back.

3) Stick to the Basics

Let’s be honest – it’s unlikely many of us are set to be Prada-level designers. And while you might have a bit of an artistic flare, converting your room into an inspiring, personal space is a more long-term project you can do bit by bit. Right now, you should focus on keeping it simple.

The easiest way to do so? Keep it simple. Stick to plain colours and the ideology of “less is more”. Stray away from fancy patterns and crazy wallpaper for now, as it can make your room look confused and cramped.

4) Hit the Lights!

Your room feeling small is a symptom of a bigger problem, and more often than not, lack of light sits at the heart of it. It might seem obvious, but get some light into your space! Trust us, it’ll make your home look bigger in the day, and artificial light can help it to look much more spacious in the night.

Consider Self-Storage

One sure-fire way to create more space in your home? Put your stuff in self-storage. Honestly, if you’ve moved into a property that’s maybe a bit cosier than you’d have thought, self-storage can be a real lifesaver, as it’ll grant you space to think and properly plan out where everything is going to go.


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