6 Things Most Removals Companies Won’t Move

Getting from A to B is without a doubt a lot easier with the help of a removals company. However, there may well be items in your house, loft or outside storage that many won’t be willing to move.

So you don’t get caught out on your big day, read on to check whether any of your belongings will require special assistance.

1) Animals

Your professional removals team will get their hands around most things, but sadly, your pet isn’t one of them. Animals within homes are a common issue for removals companies, as, believe it or not, plenty of home owners try to stack their cats and dogs outside their property ready for collection alongside their cardboard boxes. If you’re bringing your pet directly to your new address, they’re riding in the car with you.

2) Building Materials

Here’s another one you’re going to have to reconsider. If you’re big on your DIY game, it’s understandable for you to have surplus supplies lying around the house. However, if you’re looking to take a 500kg bag of concrete mix to your new home, you’re going to have to find your own way of getting It there.

This isn’t necessarily because removals teams aren’t equipped to lift items like this – it’s largely down to the vehicles themselves being unsuitable.

3) Hazardous Items

When you hear the phrase hazardous items, our minds immediately jump to plutonium and radioactive substances. And while these aren’t necessarily what we’re talking about here, don’t think that means they’re getting in the truck either.

The kinds of goods most removals companies will be reluctant to touch include fireworks, explosives (for good reason), opened cans of paint, and any other items that could spread fire if caught by a spark.

4) Server Rooms

Running a data centre from your home? You’re going to need a specialised team to help relocate it. These companies are backed by professional licensing that allows them to handle such sensitive equipment.

If you’re looking to move a home office or an entire office building, always ask the removals company if they’re qualified to handle the job before booking – especially if they’re going to end up in self-storage for a period of time after.

5) Small Motor Vehicles

Yes, really – surprisingly, a lot of Australians hire a removals company for relocating small-medium sized motor vehicles, thinking their service is general enough to cover their needs. However, this is another area that requires specific licensing. As with server rooms, always call your provider and ask in advance.

6) Grand Pianos

We’ve all seen those movie scenes where the unsuspecting bad guys run into a removals team carrying a grand piano down some steps. And whilst this isn’t the reason many teams won’t touch them, safety definitely factors into it.

The per-person lift limit for many removals teams is 25-30kg, and it’s unlikely you’ll have a team larger than 3 people in one van. So, if you’ve got a grand piano, you’re probably going to have to arrange its removal on your own. While self-storage is available for items like this, you’re going to have to work around their irregular shape and ensure they’re totally dry before dropping them off at the container.

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