5 Hot House Moving Hacks for You Budding Property Hunters

Hotter months aren’t too far on the horizon. Among longer days and weekends out and about with friends and family, the summer also beckons one other thing – peak home moving season.

The summer is pretty much the only time of the year families can afford to take time off work to make the big move.

And although moving house during warm weather can be nice, if you haven’t planned the process well, you could end up losing your cool. This simple checklist will help keep tempers down when the temperatures rise.

1) Check All Alarms are in Place

Burglar, carbon monoxide, smoke – they all need to be working before you make the move.

If you’re renting a property, your landlord is legally required to have a carbon monoxide alarm installed, but this isn’t the case if you’re buying. Carbon monoxide is odourless and a completely silent killer, so getting an alarm to detect the poisonous gas is essential.

2) Take Meter Readings

Before you so much as flick a switch on the wall and make a cup of coffee, take your meter readings. This will help you to ensure there are no arguments with your utilities providers over how much you’ve used.

3) Get Smart with Packing

Don’t run around your home madly, packing all yellow items into one box. It might sound obvious but make sure all your belongings are packed based on the room they’re going into. Mark your boxes clearly, too, so you’ll know which is destined to end up where.

It’s also worth setting aside a separate box with your essentials in. this way, you won’t have to frantically rifle through all your boxes to locate your toothbrush.

4) Book Your Removals Van

Although cutting back costs and roping in a few friends to help might seem like a good idea, you’d be surprised the difference using a professional removals service can make.

You won’t just gain peace of mind that your beloved belongings won’t arrive in pieces, you’ll also avoid all the heavy lifting you’d have to do otherwise.

5) Arrange for any Interim Storage Space Rental You Might Need

You might have an idea in your head of where everything is going to go, but what you think and what actually fits are two wildly different things.

Play it on the safe side by booking storage space rental in your local area. Not only will it take a weight off your shoulders on moving day, it’ll also give you space to breathe and remove the stress of having to unpack everything in one go.

If you’re moving around Sydney’s North Beach area, Hermes Removals can help. We won’t just help you move your belongings from A to B, we’ll also provide the storage space rental you need. Get in touch today to grab your free quote.

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation – Last Minute Tips for Moving House

When you’re moving house, you need to be calm, collected, and firmly on top of all the jobs you need to do.

Unfortunately, all those jobs often sap your energy and leave composure in incredibly short supply. Calm turns to stressed, collected turns to frantic, and your firm hold on jobs turns into a tenuous grip.

We get it. Moving house is hard. And you’re not the only one who’ll spend 30 minutes running through a ravine of brown boxes to find the key for the en-suite window.

To help pause the pressure and ease the urge to throw those boxes though that bathroom window we’ve created a quick essentials checklist. It’ll help you make sure everything is sorted on the other end before you move in.

The Essential Checklist Every Home Mover Needs

Packing is a lot like Justin Bieber. It’s kind of fun at first, but after a while, you just want to walk away and never have to look at it again.

Once the packing is done, you’re ready to move. Here’s what you need to ask the sellers on the other end before you start unloading boxes:

1) Do any neighbours have keys?

When moving into a new place, you’ll want to have the locks changed anyway. However, this is still a valid question to ask. The old owners may well have given keys to neighbours in case they got locked out, or needed them to pop in take care of pets/plants when they were away.

If they haven’t returned the keys already, you can ask for them back when you head over to introduce yourself.

2) Who are your current broadband, phone and utilities providers?

When new owners take over, suppliers risk losing accounts, but also have the chance to gain new ones. As a result, they’ll often be willing to give you a hefty discount to get you on board. Find out who they are and pick up the phone.

3) Where did you get your fixed appliances/furniture?

If you’re house proud and clued up on your design, you won’t want any clashes. Find out where they bought their fixed appliances to save on sacrificing interior appearance.

4) What day are the bins collected?

With an ocean of unpacking to do, the last thing you need is a tornado of trash running rampant through your property. Find out when the bins are collected and remember to put them out.

5) Where can I find the water mains?

So, you’re nailing up an old family photo. The next thing you know, there’s water pouring out the mouth of your great Aunt Cynthia. What do you do?

Answer – without knowing where the water mains is, not much. Ask the sellers where to find it. They’re usually under the kitchen sink, but can occasionally be found lurking under baths.

6) What paint did you use?

It’s like tapping a dent out a car. It seems easy, but before you know it, you’re in too deep and have to get the whole thing redone.

If you try and patch some smudge marks on a wall, you’ll end up with mismatching colours, forcing you to paint the whole thing. Knowing which paint to use in this situation will save you a heap of strain.

7) Where can I find the gas/electricity meters?

Taking meter readings is important. The last thing you want 3 months in is to land a letter through the post for the ex-owner’s electricity bill. Ask where to find the meters and take readings as soon as you move in.

8) Where are your appliance warranties?

Things break. IT sucks, but they do. When judgement day dawns for your appliances, knowing if they have warranties can be a saving grace for your bank balance.

It’s Not the Destination that Matters, but Your Journey to get there

Okay, your destination is a house – that’s pretty important, too. But so is how you’ll get your stuff there. Start thinking about removals services early on, as well as any self-storage you’ll need in the interim.

By the way, these are two things we can help with. We offer competitive quotes on storage facilities and home removals in the North Beach area. Get in touch with us today to grab your free quote.

How to Take Charge of Your Expat Dreams

Uprooting, packing, and shipping off to a new place – it’s a dream for many.

Sadly though, it’s a reality for remarkably few. Why? Because when they look at the situation, the odds are really stacked against them. If you’re reading this article, however, you might like the look of those odds and think they’re shining in your favour.

There are loads of different reasons for why you might want to uproot and move to a dramatically different location. Maybe you’ve got a new job, want to be closer to family, or maybe you’re just tired of the same old same old where you are right now. Regardless of your motivations, however, you need to ensure you’ve got the following points in place before you make the big move.

Try Out the Area Before Expatriating

So, you pack all your stuff and arrange for the required shipping services, and settle into your new place. But when you arrive, it isn’t actually that great.

This situation isn’t at all fun, and it’s one that can be easily avoided by taking your target home for a test drive. Book a plane ticket and spend a week or two checking the place out. Trust us, it’ll save you a load of money in the long-run.

Look into the Location’s Financial Situation

Knowing the financial situation of your chosen location is crucial. If you’ll need a job over there, taking a look at the employment market is advisable. You’re also probably going to need somewhere to live and if you get out there to discover the housing market is in the pan, you’ll be in trouble. Save yourself the nasty shock and do your research before you get there.

Learn Some of the Local Language

If your chosen destination doesn’t speak English as a first language, you can’t and shouldn’t expect the locals to accommodate you. In the months leading up to your move, pick up some language classes or download an online learning app to help you along the way.

Knowing how to speak a bit of the local language will help you through thousands of situations, from weekly grocery shopping to any emergencies you could run into.

Learn to Accept Change

If you’re moving abroad, being unwilling to accept change probably isn’t a problem for you. It is, however, something you might not fully understand the impact of.

You won’t just be changing location, you’ll also be changing culture. Once again, a couple of pre-emigration trips may be a sound idea, as they’ll help you to adjust in time for the big move.

Weigh up your Options for Moving your Stuff

Once you’ve settled on a location and are ready to move, it’s time to get yourself and your belongings over there. Don’t just jump for the first provider, however – assess your options for shipping services to find the best value for money. We’ve been working with domestic shipping services for over 20 years and our process couldn’t be easier:

  1. Call to get a quote and book your container
  2. Drop your items with us, or arrange for us to come and get them
  3. We handle the rest


All you’ve got to be is on the other end to collect your goods. If you can’t make the date, we’ll even store them for you.

So, there you have it. Consider the above points and you’ll be making the big move in no time.

4 Smart Home Storage Ideas You Need in Your Life

It could be to accommodate a new arrival to the family. It could be to grab a bit more elbow room. Regardless of your reasoning, most of us could do with a bit more space around our home.

So, if you’re thinking up ways to add some room, but are drawing blanks on what to do, don’t worry – you’re far from alone.

In fact, in a competitive real estate market like Sydney, maximising the space you’ve got is a high priority for many homeowners. Achieving this, however, is often easier said than done.

How Can You Boost Your Home Storage?

Well, ponder no longer. Not all of us can afford to upsize to a 6-bed beachfront pad, but fortunately, there are a few nifty tricks you can use to make the most of the room you already have. With a little elbow grease, you can mould your dead space into a hardworking storage hub.

1) Make the most of modular

Don’t be a square. By bringing cubes into the rooms of your home, you’ll open up a whole new world of storage possibilities. Whether it’s an overflowing collection of books or a scheme to keep those pesky lego bricks off your floor (and out of your feet – we feel your pain), cubic storage can be a great way to achieve it.

Head down to your local home improvement store and pick up a modular shelving set. On top of being highly practical, they also look great. You can’t go wrong.

2) Cleaning out the closet

It might seem obvious, but your closet is actually a great place to keep stuff out of the way. No, we’re not talking about the usual “bundle it all in and shut it out of sight” technique – we mean crafting your closet into a storage paradise.

Clean out all your old clothes, boxes, and empty bags you’ve thrown in there and prepare for some good ol’ DIY. Pick up a hanging shoe basket to stick on the back of your closet door, and keep an eye out for some pop up storage boxes. These are a great way to add some order to your closet without having to commit to permanent shelving.

3) Make your furniture work harder

Why settle for your basic furniture when it can do more for you? If your lounge is a little cosy, don’t worry – you’ve got options. We’re talking coffee tables that double up as storage racks, stools with built in containers, sofas with lift up lids – we could go on. The truth is, if you look hard enough, the possibilities are endless.

4) Public self-storage

One key time you’ll need a little extra breathing room is after you’ve moved house. Although you might have an idea in your head of how the layout should look, making that a reality is easier said than done.

To win yourself as much time as you need, look into local self-storage. For a relatively low price, you’ll get a private storage facilities for all your excess belongings whilst you start unpacking.

Where Can I Find public-storage Near Me?

Well, if you’re in Sydney, you’re in luck. Hermes Removals operate bespoke public storage in the North Beach area, at highly affordable prices.

We’ll even help you move your belongings from A to B. Get in touch today to grab your free quote.

Get Moving! 5 Helpful Home Moving Tips You’ve Got to Know

It might be exciting, but let’s be honest for a second – we’re all a little bit afraid of moving house.

The packing, the cleaning, the sudden crushing realisation you’ve got too much stuff – it can come down to all too much for many people.

Moving house at a premium pace is as much art as it is science, but there are a couple of key tricks to keep up those rolled-up sleeves.

5 Productive Shortcuts to Help You Get Moving

If you’re one of the many house-movers who don’t know where to start, look no further. These 5 tips will help you to move house in record time.

1) Have a good old clean out

It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Sadly, we’re talking to you. Now is the time to sort through your horde and discard any items that you no longer use. It’s tough, but you’ve got to be ruthless.

Parade your house with that black binbag and question every belonging you see. Do you really need that comical foam finer from that local cricket match 4 years ago? If the answer is no, give it a bagging.

2) Plan the big pack

We all have a different method which we’re usually strangely protective over. Whether you’re the “chuck it all in a plastic bag” kind of person, or the tenacious Tetris precision packer, there’s always a better way.

Steer clear of spontaneous packing and draw up a regimented packing plan. You don’t have to do it with military precision, but you should definitely have an idea of what you’re going to do and when.

You should also consider what’s going to go where, so you have a clear idea of how to carry out your packing when moving day rolls around.

3) Source the supplies for your packing mission

When it comes to packing, leaving it until the last minute is a total no-go. We mean it – buy your packing supplies way, way in advance.

The last thing you want is to risk breaking your valuables, so sort out boxes, wrap, tape, and anything else you think you’ll need before the big day.

4) Pack an essentials-only go bag

After you move, you’re going to be drained. You’re going to be telling yourself that same-day unpacking will occur, but let’s be frank – you’re going to hit the sofa hard and order a takeaway.

Although it’s okay to leave boxes in the hallway for a few days, you’re going to need the essentials on you. Pack a box with your toothbrush, deodorant and any other items you may need.

Remember to clearly mark it, too – the last thing you want at 11:30pm is to be rifling through ambiguous boxes in a desperate search for some toothpaste.

5) Create room to breathe by renting some self-storage

It’s understandable that you won’t want your new home filled with brown boxes. You might want some room to breathe and plan out where everything is going to go. By organising self-storage in your local area, you won’t have to get everything done on the same day.

Planning Your Move Will Guarantee a Smooth Ride

Follow these tips to a tee and when the big day rolls around, you’ll know exactly what to do.

You’re looking for storage space rental in the North Beach area, Hermes Removals have got you covered. Not only do we offer flexible and convenient self-storage, we can also lend a helping hand with removals. It’s win-win.

Take some weight off your shoulders with Hermes Removals. Get in touch today for your free quote.